You’ve probably caved already

Lent. It’s that time of year again when we vow to give up a beloved habit for a full forty days.

It’s 44 days from Shrove Tuesday to Easter if you include Sundays. So that’s right, a full 44 days of sensible clean living.

Sounds like a helluva sacrifice huh?
Here are a few people who have taken up this challenge:

Eddy, 3rd Year Geology


“I gave up coffee.”

How? How are you going to get through your mornings?  This guy’s a brave one. Godspeed my friend.

Eric, Law post-grad


“Last year, for Lent, I gave up eating chocolate and ice cream. My flatmate has an addiction to coke, so he gave up drinking coke during that time. Me and my other flatmate felt we needed to give something up in return.

“We decided as flat to see if we could resist eating our favorite foods. And we did. It was a tough month, but glad I did it, so we’re doing it this year again.”

Isn’t that the most touching thing you’ve heard? Best flatmate award goes to this guy and his mate.

Nia, 3rd Year Media and Sociology


“I’ve given up smoking cigarettes.”

All for better health. Yo go gal.

Chris, 3rd Year Engineering


This happy looking guy said, ”Well, I did give up alcohol, but here I am, day eight at The Old Horse.”

We feel ya Chris.

Perry, 2nd Year Maths


“I’ve given up high carb foods, so no pasta, no potatoes, no rice.”

…No life?

Emily, 3rd Year English


She says she’s given up wine.

‘’But wine is like a hug in a bottle, so I can’t promise anything.’’

That may be the best comment about wine ever. Keep the faith. God bless you.

Marc, Finance post-grad


Marc has been stuffing himself with chicken since the stat of Lent after giving up meat.

He said: ”The first week was tough but it’s alright now. Veggie wraps and such are growing on to me.. this is the second one I’m having for lunch, it’s actually not that bad.”

Maria, 3rd Year Geology


“I’m trying to do this thing by not having any chocolate. The struggle is real.”

We believe you. Stay strong.

Jess, 3rd Year Psychology


This vegetarian decided to take the plunge and go vegan.

Jess said: ”It’s going great actually. I mean, in the past I used to have cheat days but since Lent started, I thought that that’s enough and I have to do it properly.”

And there you have it – these are the faces of courage.