The uni want you to meet your neighbours, but do they even want to know you?

Leicester university have set up an initiative to get to know your neighbours. Most of us (we might as well face it) are not aware of who lives around us.

Even if we ran into them on the street. We interviewed some locals to see what their experiences were with students in Clarendon Park.

Mr Leachy of Montague road even invited us in, and said that it wasn’t necessarily students that were the problem , but locals themselves who allegedly partied far harder, at more inappropriate times and more “rowdy” than students.

Olive's: the secret student hideout?

Olive’s: the secret student hideout?

On Edward Road in Clarendon Park, we met Cherie and her partner Tammy, a PhD archaeology student, both from the United States. Tammy says: “I’ve had very positive experiences with students. Most I’ve met are super nice.”

The couple told us: “There’s a definite vibrancy when all the students are in town; there’s such a mass hoard of them that it’s obvious when they’re not here.”

Some stories painted a slightly different picture. One delightful anecdote involved a drunk student weeing on their door step, as well as all the general inevitable rowdiness during Freshers week.

However, Tammy and Cherie stated they would be happy to “make more of a community with the students.”

The shopping haven that is Queen's Road

The shopping haven that is Queen’s Road

Next, we spoke to Denny on St Leonard’s Road. An International Mathematics student from China, he finds English “hard and very different.”

Possibly because of the language barrier, he was hesitant towards the idea of more involvement with other students in the community.

St Leonard's Road

St Leonard’s Road, Clarendon Park

John on St Leonard’s Road says: “We can’t tell you lot not to have fun.”

Wise words John.