Don’t walk on New Walk: Resident restrictions threaten Halloween bar crawl

A lengthy alternative route has been provided to discourage rowdiness in the area

Former King of the Lads?

‘I wanted to be a dick’: Remember Aiden from Secret Life of Students?

He’s left the country, basically


DMU third year wins £70K on scratchcard

And she only bought it because she liked the colour green

Strike featured image

No homework: Lecturers strike next week

What the hell is a pig in a poke?


Haute cuisine: The revolutionary new SU meal deal is here

A toastie, space raiders and orange juice… Yum.


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead

Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Bob Burgess is retiring next year but still "delighted" with Leicester's ranking

Leicester splurges £4,000 on brochures for retiring Vice Chancellor

Leicester’s former Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Bob Burgess was given a less than thrifty send-off to commemorate “15 remarkable years”

The Ripple received only 11 signatures on their online petition

Shocker: SU responds to censor allegations and The Ripple quickly calm down

They also did an online petition… it got 11 signatures

SU released their own response late yesterday

SU censors clamp down on beleaguered Ripple

Negative story causes verbal threats and near censorship from the SU


DMU gatecrashes tonight’s bar crawl

Watch out – the poly are coming

Leicester University remains in the top 20 UK universities

57 dirty rotten cheats exposed at Leicester in the past five years

Cheaters never win and winners never cheat